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Case Studies

Prove yourself to your prospects
through your previous and current clients

Case studies and your Marketing

Case studies are a valuable marketing asset, an efficient way to demonstrate your expertise, to prove that you are capable and competent and the products or services that you are offering are high quality, fit for purpose and valuable.

Stories that provide the readers with insight and understanding of a specific project, use case, application etc of your products or services. The idea being they can determine whether in choosing you, your business, product or service, they are making a good choice.

Case studies work throughout the sales funnel. Top of funnel to illustrate to new prospects examples of how you do what you do, and who you do it for. Middle of funnel, with prospects considering your products and services, maybe creating a shortlist. Bottom of funnel, with prospects beginning to do their due diligence on prospective suppliers.

As a valuable marketing asset case studies can be used, and re-used, across the whole marketing mix. And not just for digital marketing. The ROI of a well written ‘ever green’ case study builds and builds overtime.

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Case studies on your web site

You can publish your case studies on dedicated pages on your website. Then use internal links and external links to these pages.

  • On the home page have links to the latest case study.
  • Landing pages, have links to the appropriate case studies.
  • Links in the footers of web pages.
  • Hyperlinks in relevant copy throughout the website.

You can also write Blogs based around your case studies. These could cover broader aspects of the relevant products or services and have a CTA lining to the appropriate case study pages.


Case studies and your social media

Your case studies are perfect content to share on various social media platforms. If you struggle for idea’s on what to post, a single case study can provide many posts.

Simply posting about a new case study, including a link back to you’re a new case study web pages. You can also create multiple posts by segmenting the case study into its various components, the client, their challenge, the solution, the results, use cases, the testimonial – little subsets of a case study. That’s 6 posts per case study, per platform… weeks of content.

For example taking one platform, LinkedIn. You could share the case study as a LinkedIn article, LinkedIn company page updates, posts into LinkedIn groups, LinkedIn posts by stake holders on to their own profiles.


Case studies and your email marketing

Each new case study should be announced across your marketing mix, and especially in your newsletter email campaigns.

With segmented marketing lists you can announce a specific case study to a list of highly relevant contacts via direct email campaigns. These are very effective for repeat sales and upsells to existing clients, and reconnecting with old, or cold, clients.

Once again, we see case studies are working for us across the funnel.


Writing an effective case study

Here’s a sensitive subject, there are many views on how to right a case study. We won’t join that debate here. Do remember, you need to have an holistic approach to your marketing, you have your tone of voice which needs to be consistently reflected across all you marketing.

Also, remember marketing 101, write for the audience. Case studies can be very specific, reaching out to a well defined subset of you target audience, write for that audience.

To this end whatever structure works best for you – create a case study template(s) this has the double benefit of helping authors get started with creating their copy, and encouraging all authors to produce consistent content.


Case studies as a sales tool

Be sure anyone involved in converting leads into sales knows, in detail, about the case studies available to them.

Forester research shows prospects go through 70-90% of the buyers journey before contacting anyone. Our prospects ‘should’ be quite knowledgeable about your products and services, because we have enabled them to be – and that is a big part of the reason why this prospect has surfaced as a lead, a ‘highly qualified’ lead.

So we should assume our case studies have been part of that journey.

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