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Do You Know Who is Visiting Your Website?

Have you ever wondered who really visits your website or reads your blog? Analytics can give valuable insights into trends, visitor numbers, and some details on their actions and origin, but it needs interpreting and can only inform other activities to tune towards better results.

But imagine how valuable it would be to know exactly who is visiting your products or services landing pages? This priceless information is possible through our visitor tracking software.

Our real-time website visitor tracking tool identifies who, and which businesses, are visiting your website, tracking the pages they visit, how long they stay, and how often they return. This data turns visitors into highly qualified leads as we know exactly which of your products or services they’re interested in, presenting warm leads to your sales teams to follow up with.

The data gathered is real, accurate, and honest, complementing the anonymous data and metrics provided by analytics tools. Our software can integrate with many CRMs and social media platforms, improving sales and marketing productivity by bridging the gap between digital visitor data and follow-up opportunities.

But this tool is not just for lead generation. The data gathered can also help with campaign performance analysis, improving sales conversion rates, and informing SEO activities.

Installing and configuring our visitor tracking software on your website is simple, and you’ll start gathering data and generating leads from the very next visit. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain priceless insights into your website visitors and turn them into highly qualified leads.

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The Additional Benefits of Website Visitor Tracking Software 

As well as identifying the businesses that visit your website, investing in website visitor tracking can yield numerous additional benefits for your business.

By supplementing your existing web analytics tools, you can highly optimise your online presence and generate further leads.

Here are some of the key benefits you can expect from using our service:


Improved user experience

Understanding how identified visitors interact with your website allows you to enhance their experience and those other businesses like them, resulting in higher engagement and satisfaction.


Data-driven decision making

Our visitor tracking service provides valuable data on user behavior, enabling you to make strategic decisions regarding website design, content, optimisation, and marketing efforts based on concrete evidence.


Increased conversion rates

By identifying patterns in visitor behavior, you can optimise your website to encourage desired actions, leading to higher goal conversion rates.


Identification of pain points

By tracking visitor data, you can identify areas of your website where users may encounter difficulties or abandon the site, allowing you to address these issues and improve overall performance.


Evaluation of marketing efforts

Our visitor tracking service allows you to measure the effectiveness of various marketing campaigns and channels through business identification, enabling you to allocate resources more effectively and refine your future marketing strategies.


Enhanced search engine optimization (SEO)

Understanding user behavior and preferences can help you create content that appeals to your target audience and meets search engine criteria, thereby improving your search engine rankings.

Investing in our website visitor tracking service could unlock the full potential of your online presence.

GDPR Compliance

Ensuring website visitor tracking data complies with data privacy regulations is crucial to protect user data and privacy.

The softwares that we use at social:definition are fully compliant with GDPR requirements.

The GDPR was introduced with the intention of protecting the privacy of individual EU citizens. While website visitor tracking provides valuable information about visitors to your website, it is not relevant to the GDPR legislation, which focuses on protecting individuals’ details and privacy.

It’s important to note that an IP address on its own is not considered personal data since it is focused on a computer and not the individual using the device. Furthermore, our software only provide business-related (B2B) leads, making it no different than any other marketing approach you may take to reach out to potential clients.

Inbound marketing has become increasingly important as it is the clearest way to qualify interest and relevance. Marketing towards a business that has displayed a level of interest is justifiable and in line with the law, aligning with the agenda of the marketing process.

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