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Email Marketing

Branded and structured campaigns
to both existing clients and prospects alike

There are many types of goal that you can set for your marketing, however taking the opportunities to build email lists should be part of all of your marketing campaigns.

Of all the digital tactics available to you, email marketing has been around for over 50 years. It seems, for that reason, there’s plenty of claims that social media has replaced email, and that “email marketing is dead, we should be focussing on social media instead”.

Email marketing definitely isn’t dead, but remains important because:

  1. With carefully curated lists, genuine ‘opted-in’ contacts, your email marketing is very effective as you are directly connecting with these people. ROI from email marketing consistently ranks higher than other tactics.
  2. It’s a very measurable channel, the stats and data gathered are accurate and reliable. It’s very revealing and these insights should be used to inform business and marketing decisions.
  3. You own the lists, you own the stats and data. You are not dependant on platforms their rules, algorithms or API’s.
  4. You can accurately segment your lists and deploy highly focussed, timely and personalised marketing. Improving open rates by delivering great content, appropriate offers and news etc to engaged contacts.

Claims that email marketing is dead are all nonsense, even the raw numbers don’t support this, there’s over 5.6 billion active email accounts, 58% of us check our email 1st thing every morning – 99% check their email daily – compare that with Social Media.

But these comparisons implying it’s a choice between email or social media are unhelpful, dangerous even.

Both social media and email are important tactics in this marketing mix. Its all complimentary, in the least social media builds your email lists, and your email data informs your social media – moreover, the better your social media is at building accurate lists, the better your email marketing results will be and the better feedback you can get for you social media. This is an excellent example of, and so in keeping with, our holistic approach to marketing – a rising tide lifting all the boats.

Despite its maturity, like social media, email marketing requires planning and careful execution. Practices have also evolved, and continue to evolve. We can help you with building your email lists or effective email campaigns with a comprehensive email marketing strategy.

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